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  • Comprehensive Eye Care

    Comprehensive Eye Care

    We are your first stop for routine complete eye examinations. During this visit you will receive an exam checking the need for glasses followed by an extensive physical exam of the eyes to check overall health status. A thorough exam…

  • Low Vision

    Low Vision

    Unfortunately there are situations¬†where vision is irreversibly reduced to very low levels. Certain causes may include advanced age related macular degeneration, end stage glaucoma, uncontrolled diabetes, chronic inflammation and trauma. Though the vision may be poor, there are ways to…

  • Surgical Eye Care

    Surgical Eye Care

    Often the need arises to surgically intervene in certain eye conditions. We offer surgical services for a variety of problems listed below. Surgery may be an in-office procedure, or a larger operation might be conducted at the nearby local hospital,…

  • Optical Services

    Glasses If the need for corrective eye wear is determined by your doctor, you can conveniently shop in our store after your exam. We carry a large selection of frames from various designers in hopes you will find one that…

  • Medical Eye Care

    Though the eye is a small organ, the list of conditions that can effect it is not. As comprehensive ophthalmologists we are specially trained to diagnose and treat these ailments. Below is a list of some of the most common…

  • Pediatric Eye Care

    It is not uncommon for kids to have eye problems starting at a young age. Most frequently it is the need for glasses that arises but other problems may develop, including those listed below. If you or your pediatrician are…